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Mobile Hospital Trailer

The mobile hospital truck trailers that we produce for all continents around the world are produced in very different structures. It can be in a mobile clinic format to be installed on a single trailer or it can be in a complex structure with different units consisting of multiple trailers.

In the mobile hospital complex, the operating room, x-ray service, inpatient services , obstetrics service, Otolaryngology service and children's units are primarily manufactured units.

Mobile hospital and clinic trailers can be made as a truck trailer, or are mostly manufactured as a complex where several trailers are combined.   Our company produces “mobile hospital” projects for many countries and international organizations, especially in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

We can make the mobile hospital trailer empty, or we can make all the medical devices that have been installed. We produce mobile hospital truck apps by applying each of the following titles to a separate trailer. Emergency mobile response and first aid” for our solutions please learn about the Free Project and consultancy.

The length and width measurements of the vehicles may vary completely depending on your use. Likewise, the opening distance of the side opening rooms is made on special order according to your request. The air conditioning of mobile health trailers varies according to the country in which they are manufactured. Therefore, a standard template cannot be offered. Specify which country you want mobile hospital or clinic trailers for and on which equipment we will prepare the best offer for you.

We wish you a healthy day.

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