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Manufacture of Special Purpose life and Business Containers

we are implementing all kinds of custom designed luxury container projects for military and special purpose containers.

Special project, special manufacturing containers are the area of expertise of Project Mobil ! . Containers opened with side-expansion hydraulic and electric system increase the size of a container by two and three times. Custom luxury designed container houses mobile container stores vip container hospital containers training containers and mobile container sales units are the main ones in these productions. 
Finally, the containers we produce for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Goethe Institute are used for the education of refugee children. Mobile Education Promotion Health and technology container manufacturing can receive free consultancy and project support from our company.

Proje Mobile Ltd. Co.
Custom Design Bus & Truck Trailer Manufacture Factory
Ortakent Yahsi Mahallesi, Kocatas Cd. No:57 (48420 ) Bodrum Mugla - TURKEY

Information: +90.850.888 88 99
Factory : +90.252.358 77 40
WhastApp : +90.542.676 22 22 
Mobile phone : +90.542.676 22 22 


İstanbul: +90.542.676 22 22
Ankara  : +90.532.282 80 04 
İzmir     : +90.542.440 89 08 

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