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EMS - Clinic - Labb - Emergency Buses

We are manufacturing the most specialized buses in the world for human health. We export from Turkey to the world from mobile first aid , on-site patient examination and treatment, blood collection and laboratory buses to medical ambulance buses

EMS - Clinic - Labb - Emergency Buses


Clinical and inspection buses

Our mobile clinic buses are manufactured to internationally accepted standards. It also includes standards in the applicable laws of the country to be used. Medical devices that must be in the clinic are manufactured by us in accordance with the standard and added to the bus design. Dental Health, general patient's office, diseases of women and children, etc. we manufacture clinical buses for different purposes.


First aid and ambulance buses

Mobile first aid buses are produced for different purposes and their interior design is done. Natural disasters, fires, nuclear, biological, chemical accidents, transportation accidents, industrial accidents, accidents from excessive crowds, immigrants , mining accidents, wars, epidemics, terrorist attacks, etc. disasters that humanity can face every day... Our first aid and ambulance buses provide the most rapid and collective inspection .


Bloodletting and laboratory buses

We produce the most specialized laboratory and blood examination buses in the world to perform blood tests as well as all kinds of substances (water, food, soil,) and simple health analyses in an emergency and on-site manner. Our specially designed buses have blood storage lockers. In this way, these buses provide the most important contribution to blood donation campaigns..

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