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  • Mobile Hospital Trailer-The mobile hospital truck trailers that we produce for all continents around the world are produced in very different structures. 
  • Mobile Clinic Trailer - The mobile clinic trailer truck " consists of a trailer from a trailer. Or it can be produced as fixed on the truck. It can be produced in different sections as waiting room, examination room,
  • Mobile Veterinary Clinic trailer - The Mobile Veterinary Clinic trailer " mobile veterinary truck / truck was designed, while the first aid for Animal Health in a trailer was conceived and projected as an operating room and shelter.You can get free advice from our company on mobile veterinary trailer and mobile truck projects for animal health. Life is beautiful with our 4-legged friends...
  • Mobile surgery trailers - "Mobile operating room truck hospital trailer manufacture In the mobile hospital truck and trailer complex, usually operating rooms, röngen service, inpatient services, obstetrics service , Otolaryngology service and children's units are primarily manufactured units. Mobile hospital and clinic trailers can be made on a truck trailer or as containers. The manufacturing model, which is mostly performed, is produced as a complex where several trailers are combined. Our company produces mobile hospital and operating room trailer vehicles designed and manufactured for many countries and international organizations and especially for Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Mobile Labb - ” Mobile laboratory " vehicles are manufactured in accordance with national and international laws. The geographical structure of the country to be used is taken into account the climate system and other conditions. Mobile laboratory trailers or trucks are produced by special projects for private and legal persons. During the production, all the details are discussed and decided by meeting with the private person or legal person authority. Design and projecting are done together. Mobile Lab please call us when you need it. Let's give you project and manufacturing support. We manufacture mobile laboratories on trailers or buses. Let's be your free counsel.
  • Mobile Dental Clinic - The “Mobile Dental Clinic buses and trucks” we produce for all continents around the world are produced in very different structures.Mobile Dental Health and screening clinic tools are usually made up of units or units capable of performing examination, X-ray service, tooth extraction and small operations. These vehicles can be produced in trailer bus or truck format. Mobile Dental Clinic and mobile dental health trailer and truck vehicles designed and manufactured by our company are preferred by many countries and international organizations.!

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