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mobile showroom trailers

Mobile Showroom Trailers

Side-opening special cassette and boxed trailers are manufactured with hydraulic and pneumatic alternatives. Manufactured in our company and worldwide "Slide out trailer" or "expandable trailer" defined as the side-opening and expansion truck trailers are used in many different areas. At the beginning of these are mobile store trailers and mobile showroom trailer trucks.

Mobile showroom trailers, corporate parties, dealer meetings, civic organizations, private parties, town squares, summer activities, and national celebrations to be used in a large stage, powerful sound system, camera system, and local live broadcast and recording system, video display devices, power supply, generator, alternatives are manufactured.

In our factory, we provide special purpose trailer production services from Roadshow trailers to organization and advertising promotion trucks and caravans in the desired format to many countries of Turkey and the world. Our pioneer company, which has achieved the firsts in the production of special project mobile truck stage and mobile trailer in Europe, is producing in our special hangars equipped with engineering projects. While our manufacturing center produces all kinds of special vehicles, caravans, promotional trucks and trailers with the latest technology, we have the strongest references in Europe thanks to your confidence. In addition to designing and producing the special commercial vehicle you want, we also hire you if you want.

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