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Mobile training truck trailer and special purpose training trucks are the primary expertise and production area of our company. The project construction company, founded by educator managers, shows special sensitivity about special training tools.

Rental training trailer special training truck and dorses production according to the content of the training is produced from the chassis of the vehicle as a special. Children's training trucks and adult youth training trailers show differences. Another issue is disability training truck trailers. Special ramps and hydraulic systems are used for disabled training vehicles.

Special training trucks, training buse,s truck trailers and trailers are also manufactured in company and staff training trailers format. The subject of training trailers brings with it a lot of technological infrastructure. Computer, internet, wi-fi technologies are used as standard in educational tools .

Finally, the special education tools for refugee children that we have produced have been purchased by the German Foreign Ministry and used in the education of Syrian refugee children. In this sense, a technology giant is the supplier of the country, a separate Pride on behalf of our country.

Mobile training trucks private manufacturing opened training trailers and dorses training buses for special training rental and production of our company for 24/7 projects and offers can be obtained.

mobile public education truck trailer

Mobile public education truck trailer

Very crowded student capacity training trailers are produced on double sided open and expanding trailers. Our retims, which are 13 meters long, can expand to 6.5 meters when opened on both sides. Our expanding training trailers, which we export to every country in the world, vary their interior design and equipment according to education. Call now and take advantage of our consulting service.

Outdoor training trailer.

Outdoor training trailer.

Outdoor training trailer. It is used to educate large masses of people. The training given on the trailer can also be watched or listened to by the outside audience. Finally, the outdoor training trailer we produced for the Balkans won great acclaim and attracted interest in every country he went to. Call now and take advantage of our consulting service.

Children's education and play trailers

Children's education and daycare trailers

Children's education and play trailers. The floors and walls of the educational trailers we produce for children are specially manufactured. It is manufactured from special materials that absorb any kind of impact and minimize injury. In addition, heating and cooling units and electrical system are produced specially protected for children. Call now and take advantage of our consulting service.

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