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The " mobile technological trailers” is available to universities, associations, foundations, government institutions and organizations as well as scientists. Designer / manufacturer and buyer come together to determine the desired features and accessories in the vehicle. The vehicle is manufactured according to national and international applicable laws. The climate conditions of the country to be used in energy equipment and air conditioning are taken into account. Mobile science technology trailers can be produced in truck or bus format. Please contact our company for detailed project and proposal
command control vehicles

Command control vehicles

Military units, police departments and
emergency authorities reach the disaster
location or where ever an intervention
needed with Command control vehicles to
control the case as well as life transmission
of sound and visual data to headquarters.

science truck construction

Science truck trailer construction

The experienced team of our company, which has limited opportunities to reach science and Technology, thinks that it is possible to give science and technology experiences to children and young people living in the country only with a “mobile science trailer”, has made an effort to design and produce ur-ge after R & D studies. In addition, “Mobile Science Trucks", "Technology training trailers" are designed for use by our professors, associate professors, lecturers who are doing science in the field, including units such as science laboratory, living room, sink.


Simulator trailers

Mobile earthquake simulators and other special purpose simulators are placed entirely on the trailer and truck designed specifically for the project.
The production and assembly stages of special purpose training simulators and mobile simulators are completed in two stages with the cooperation of expert engineers .
Our organization in conjunction with the two air forces in the world to perform on a cargo plane to make the flight simulator world's first and only space exploration and NASA is engaged in research and continues its efforts in this regard.
Special purpose simulator trucks simulation trucks mobile simulation trailer caravan and bus manufacturing please get detailed information from our company .

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